Friday, July 30, 2004

Tiger is gone.

My dad told me on Tuesday that Tiger, my grandparents dog, passed away on Sunday. He didn't tell me then because Sunday was my birthday. He was about 13 years old. He was a mutt, half doberman. He was a great dog.
I brought him home with my grandfather in a cloth bag, that's how tiny he was. My grandfather would always say that he was my dog. In a way he was eventhough I would only see him once a year when I visited India. We have a nuclear family and my grandfather's family and his younger brother's family share a house. I used to call them both grandfather. The grandfather I am speaking about is the younger brother. Tiger was his dog. He passed away some years back. Tiger was sad after that. When my grandfather passed away 2 years ago Tiger was devastated. He stopped eating. He was their dog. It was tough on him.
He will be missed. I wish I was there when he went...

Motorcycle accident

It happend.  It happened on my birthday.  I crashed the bike on my way back home after a day of riding.  I was alone.  I was on the Meadowbrook heading north and took the exit for Hempstead Turnpike heading east.  There is a pretty long off ramp and I punched the throttle too much.  I didn't anticipate the curve left up ahead.  When I approached it I pulled the front break too hard and the front wheel locked up.  The bike did a wobble and I went down going about 30 to 40 mph.  I went down on my left side and slid with the bike for about 20 feet.  As soon as I stopped I shot up and ran over to the grass on the side of the road.  I was in a bit of shock and disbelief that this had just happened.  I was pissed.  I ripped my helmet off and tossed it.  I checked my left arm and saw that it was bloody from road rash so I covered it up with my sleeve.  I checked the bike and saw that the bike's left engine cover was cracked and was leaking oil.  All of the oil from the engine drained out.  I still couldn't believe what had just happened.  I left the bike where it was and called Geico.  I was on the phone for about 10 minutes with them and they put me in touch with a towing service.  The towing service said they would take an hour to get there.  I don't even think he understood where exactly I was.  So, I figured it would take more than an hour because he was not going to find me right away.  I contemplated arriving back to my house in a flatbed truck with the bike.  I didn't like that picture.  They had also told me that it was going to cost close to $200 bucks to tow this thing 5 miles with a couple of extra fees added on to that cost.   I didn't want to wait there and I didn't want to show up at home like that.  I decided to pick up the bike and walk it back to my house.  I cleaned myself off and picked the bike up off the road and out of the huge pool of oil.  I started the walk back. 
I suppose it was a combination of pride and a way to work out my aggression.  The trek back home was exhausting.  I got home after 3 hours and pulled the bike into the garage just as I normally would.  I washed up and sat down for dinner with my parents but I couldn't really eat.  I started to get nervous about the pain coming from my abdominal area.  I told my parents about the accident and asked my mom to take me to the ER. 
I had a CAT scan done and an X-ray of my arm taken.  Everything was fine and I was back home at 4am. 
I stayed home from work the next day to rest.  I iced down all day and thought about the accident.  I was lucky I didn't seriously hurt my self.  I just got bruised and scraped.  Also I was lucky I was not riding anyone on the back.


I went out to Queens last night to meet up with a girl I met a few weeks back and a friend of mine.  I met this girl accidentally.  I was out riding and got a call from my friend a few weeks back.  This was after I had just gotten my bike so I decided to meet up with him to show it to him.  I rode over to visit him in Queens and we had a brew.  With him was a friend of his who he knew from back in the day.  She seemed nice and I was a little attracted to her.  The three of us met up for drinks again on a Thursday night after 2 weeks and she peeked my interest level a little bit.  My friend is a character.  He saw we had some chemistry and has been urging both of us to hook up.  I met up with her last night.  My friend came by for a little bit and then left.  This girl is nice but I just don't think she is the type I am looking for.  Also, I'm only mildly attracted to her.  I said that I would like to go see the Yankees game with her on Saturday as she has tickets, however I don't think that I should go because I don't want to string her along.  Also, she is going with a bunch of her friends and I don't want to feel out of place.  If my friend comes along though, then it won't be so much a date and we can just go catch the game and enjoy it.  I will see how many tickets she has if she calls me today.  If there is just one for me then I think I will not go. 
Well, at least I don't have to add another tally to the Missed Opportunities list.  I did see where a possible relationship might go and found that it was lacking. 

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Fire Alarm Test

Right now the fire alarm near the computer room is going off.  It is one of the worst sounds in the world.  The fire marshall is on site to test the fire supression system in the computer room.  I was warned a couple of minutes before the alarm went off so I told the mananger of the department where the computer room is next to.  I just sat there after that and waited and watched everyone get scared shitless while the alarm went off.  It was quite funny.  People are going crazy.


Boss catching on

The boss is catching on that I am doing a whole lot of nothing with my time during the course of the day.  I have had 2 talks with him about this since yesterday.  I'm kind of sleepy.  I want to go take a nap...

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

No work being done

I have done absolutely no work since I came into the office this morning.  I have been surfing the internet the entire time.  It is now 2:45pm.  I do not exaggerate when I say no work has been done.  Absolutely nothing.  I wonder if people know?


Not straining my brain.

Yesterday I was talking to my mom in the kitchen as I was ravaging through the fridge for something to eat.  She made the comment of how I am eating more food than I ever have before.  Of course, everything I eat is healthy and she knows this.  I was telling her how by eating several meals a day (5 or 6) I can sustain a level of energy throughout the day.  I go to work for 9 hours and then go to the gym for 2 hours.  I said when I use my brain I use up a lot of energy as well.  She asked if I even use my brain throughout the day.  When she sees me I am mostly just watching TV.  She doesn't think I strain any part of my body, including my brain.  I laughed and wondered if she knew why I was laughing.  Cuz there is really only one muscle that gets strained on a regular basis...

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Beautiful day- I'm stuck in the office.

Is this what life is going to be like?  Slog during the week in an office with no sight of the outside world and then hope that the two day weekend will bring you good weather so that you can enjoy that little time you have off?  Well, last weekend was a bust.  It has been raining here in NY for the past week and a half and the past weekend was a washout.  This weekend better be good.  It's not like I can rely on the weather forecast because if you check it any more that 1 day in advance then it is never accurate and will most definately change.
I can't stay stuck in the office all week while the weather is so nice outside.  This is the best time to be out in NY and I am stuck in the fucking office with the only thing to look forward to being the two weekend.  Fuck.
I also have to deal with my boss who is a moody jackass.   Maybe he'll be in a good mood and maybe he won't.  It's all relative... to what, I don't know.  I also hate how you have to practically kiss his ass to keep him happy and keep you in his good graces.  I see my coworkers prancing into this office to shoot the shit with him everyday just so they are on his good side.  I can't do it everyday.  Talking to him is draining.  He is my fucking boss.  You never know when he will flip out.  Talking to someone like that is never fun.  One minute you are cracking a joke and the next he is going hysterical over something that is totally out of your control but he needs to scream about.  Fuck.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Without my bike for 3 weeks

The bike is in the shop for repairs.  Tires, indicator lights, replacing of missing nuts and bolts.  It will be ready to go next Saturday.  I am counting the minutes.  I just want to ride!  I'm going to go pick it up from NJ and then spend the day out there.  Maybe head out to the shore. 

"Be one with myself"

At the end of the last post I said "I have to be one with myself first". 
What the hell does that mean???

Happy Hour

Went to Happy Hour today with a friend of mine and a girl he introduced me to.  We were all going to meet at TGI Friday's in Queens.  I picked him up and we were going to meet the girl there.  He gets in the car and suddenly picks up his phone and is like, OH SHIT, I gotta pick up my dad from the train station, you go ahead and meet me there.  I'm like, Did you plan this shit?  He was cracking up, he might have very well planned it.  It was a pretty smooth move though.
So, I went on ahead and met up with this girl who I was a little bit attracted to.  We talked and had drinks at the bar for a while.  I don't know why I do this but here is how I behaved.  I downplayed my confidence level tremendously.  I know this is a feature that attracts girls and for some reason there was a part of me that was afraid to show it.  I think it is because I am afraid of people liking me sometimes.  That may sound a little wierd and hard to understand but I think it is because I think "how can they like me when I don't always love myself enough and don't view myself as what I should be". 
This realization came to me when my friend showed up and the way this girl reacted to him.  He is always a very confident guy and he almost always exudes it.  The girl immediately was physically responsive to him.  I could see it right away.  I am afraid of being that confident guy because in reality I am not confident in most of the things I do, eventhough most of the things I do, I do very well.  What then is it that will help me with this?  I don't know but I feel somehow wierd to let any girl really like me until I fully like myself.  I have to be one with myself first.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Courtesy Flush

Why is it that when people in the office use the toilet, they DO NOT courtesy flush. There should be a law, that in an unventilated area, right after you hear that plop sound, you must flush. Doing this eliminates practically all the stink. If you walk into the bathroom when someone is taking a shit and they have courtesy flushed you don't even smell anything. However, if they have not, the entire hallway outside the bathroom stanks. Maybe they are disgruntled and just say fuck it, I'm going to stink up this place so whoever comes in here will be nauseas. I did that once. I was pissed so I decided to leave a stink bomb. These people do it on a regular basis though. That's not right.