Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Headin' up to the old college with some of my fraternity brothers. Should be a good time. Haven't been up there in about a year and a half. My fraternity is still holding it down up there. I think there's a mixer on Saturday night with a sorority. haha. Get to chill with some college girls this weekend.
Been heading up to the mountain every weekend to hit the slopes on the snowboard. My jumps have improved tremendously this year and I almost pulled off a grab. I think this is the last season for my board. The bottom surface of it is all carved up with gashes. When I'm goin' down the moutain the back fishtails unexpectedly. The board is really slow too.
I went with my dad to give a presentation to bid on a job yesterday. I made a powerpoint presentation of his previous work. Went pretty well and he should get the job.