Monday, January 24, 2005


Why I like snowboarding:

1. Carving down the mountain.
2. Flying down the mountain.
3. Doing jumps.
4. Great views.
5. Great views of the Snow bunnies.
6. The drive to the mountain and back with friends.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Spring '05 class registration

I'm going for academic advisement today. As usual, before the start of the semester, I have no desire to start taking 2 more classes. I dread it although I was pleased at the end of last semester at having received 2 A's.
It is only 3 and a half months. I will just get it over with.
Maybe I can actually find classes that I enjoy.

India Trip

My trip to India was quite a trip indeed. Definately unlike any other I've had there.
Things I learned:

1. Kuwait Airways is horrible, service and staff.
2. I like traveling.
2.5 The people we meet along the trip are just as special as those we are going to see. I actually opened my mouth and talked to the girl next to me and ending up making a good friend.
3. I want to take off and travel the world.
4. It is great to see family. They make me feel comfortable. They warm my heart.
4.5 Family can be very critical of me sometimes. I'm not always used to that but am getting more used to it as I grow up.
5. Driving in Mumbai is crazy. I still enjoy it though.
6. You have no idea what a traffic jam really is until you've seen and been stuck in one in Mumbai.