Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Items searched today

This is a list of items that I have searched for on the web today:

(I had a craving)

Nandita Das

Mallika Sherawat

Carbondale Illinois

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Sarah Shahi

Tia Texada

Hyundai Santro India

Skoda Auto

Toyota India

Movie Pass

I recently signed up for the Blockbuster movie pass. Here are the movies that I've rented over the past month:

Kill Bill Vol. 1
Star Wars Episode 1
The Terminal
Bourne Supremacy
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
Napolean Dynamite
Star Wars Episode 2
Riding Giants
Ocean's 12

These I've seen in the theater:


Watched on TV

Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope
Star Wars Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I met up with my ex-girlfriend for dinner last night. This was my girlfriend from college. We broke up about 2 years back. She was my first love.
It has brought back some feelings of longing that I thought I had supressed quite well. I woke up this morning with a terrible sense of longing and she was the first thought that came into my mind. I haven't found anyone else to replace her in my life yet. I know that is why I still feel this way about her.
All morning and into the afternoon now I've been thinking about her and the life she is leading.
I just have to keep reminding myself why I broke up with her. It was because my instinct told me that it was not meant to be in the long run. I felt like we both needed to grow as individuals and I don't believe we would have been able to do that if we were together. I certainly would not have been able to.
It always takes a day to recuperate after seeing her. That will get better with time. I must move on and stop dwelling on the past.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Bathroom Thief

For reading material in our office bathroom I used to regularly bring in magazines from home. Once I was done reading my FHM and Wired magazines I would bring them in and put them on the shelf in the bathroom stall. Everyone would enjoy reading them and I continued to do this on a monthly basis. Soon one of my friends in the office started to bring in magazines as well. He'd bring in his MAXIM and Blender magazines.
We were distraught however, when last year the magazines started to disappear! I know what you are thinking, how could someone take magazines from the bathroom? The bathroom is like the graveyard for magazines. It is where they go to die. They are not to be removed from the bathroom and read anywhere else as they are now bathroom reading material and are contaminated. The only way they should come out of the bathroom is at the bottom of the trash bag. This is just how it is and everyone knows this. To do otherwise would be unholy, to say the least.
Well last year we noticed that the magazines were disappearing after a couple of days. It was just the FHM and MAXIM magazines though. We would bring them in and a couple of days later they would vanish. I checked with my boss, the president of our company, as I thought he might be throwing them away if he thought the material was inappropriate for office reading. This was not the case though. Someone was actually removing the magazines from the stall and taking them home.
Now this is offensive on two fronts: First of all the person is taking the magazines which are meant for everyone to read. Second of all the person is taking the magazines home and probably putting them on his coffee table. His guests are probably reading them without any idea of where they have been. They are being exposed to something that is utterly vile outside the confines of the bathroom and had they any knowledge of the whereabouts of the magazines they were reading, I'm sure they would re-consider their friendship with this person.
There were several months of speculation as to the identity of the culprit and numerous discussions among my friends at the office. We contemplated who would be dirty enough to do this deed. Unexpectedly one day, while I was washing my hands in the sink, the stall door opened and out came our VP with a magazine in his hand! I couldn't contain myself as I had caught him red-handed. I dried my hands and bolted out of there and proceeded to laugh my ass off. Now I know it was him who was stealing the magazines because you don't leave the stall with the magazine in hand. If you're in the middle of an article then you just sit there till you finish it. This guy just gave me a dumb look.
My colleagues were thrilled that I knew who was taking the mags. We decided it was OK to start bringing in the mags on a regular basis again since the guy knew that I knew he was the one taking them. Wrong, they continued to disappear and this time the same day they were brought in. What the hell!!!
We tried many different methods. We marked up the covers of the magazines. I left my name on the magazine. I left notes on them asking that they remain in the bathroom. Nothing worked.
So now we just don't bring in those mags anymore. What a shame. They provided for some good bathroom reading material.
It looks like there is only one thing to do. A confrontation with this guy requesting that he stop taking the magazines. Of course I will have to catch him in the bathroom as I can't just walk into his office and say this.
Doesn't that just piss you off though? The guy has got a blatant disregard for basic bathroom etiquette and for others property. Not to mention what he is exposing other people to by taking the magazine outside of the confines of the bathroom.
By the way my Wired magazines stay in the stall for months on end until I myself throw them in the garbage. T&A always wins.

Friday, April 08, 2005

This weekend we are expecting some great weather in NY. I'm going to do an oil change on the bike, give it a quick wash and wax, and ride as much as I can. Can't wait!


I usually listen to the Z100 morning show every morning. I was lying in bed last Friday morning, after hitting the snooze button a couple of times, when I heard an advertisement about a sneak preview in theatres that day only of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Oh man, I was so excited. How awesome would that be? I'd be one of the first people to have seen the movie and know the details of the last link in the Star Wars saga! So I got to work, called the theatre, at which point the guy on the other end of the phone said he had never heard of such a thing. That's when I looked at the calender and saw the date - April Fools.

Well, it's not as bad as the people who have already camped outside Grauman's Chinese theatre in Hollywood 7 weeks in advance only to be informed that there was a good chance that Revenge of the Sith might not even show at that theatre but at another one 1 mile down the road.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I think that people here in blogland, as you dorks like to call it, are taking things a little too personally. A small 8 word sentence got the whole community bent out of shape. You seem to be trying to create some type of utopian environment where only the good is exhibited. I'm not sure if I really understand that.
My small comment, which I admit was rather childish, resulted in a barrage of personal attacks. Who's acting like the child now?
I was entitled to my opinion, regardless of if anyone else agreed with it or not.
And by the way, where are you people from that you can't deal with the word "bitch"?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"You suck... You are killing this blog, bitch!"

So this is in response to all the bitches that called me out for my post on Brighton's blog. You are all way too fucking sensitive.
So, I didn't express myself in the most respectful manner. I was just stating what everyone else was thinking, that Kristin's entries were just bringing the blog down. I'm only sorry that I didn't post my name to begin with.
And also, the word "bitch" is in no way meant to be a derogatory term against women. The word is no longer associated with or restricted to a particular gender.
To the asshole who tracked down my IP address and banned me... Who the fuck are you? The Blog Avenger? And just so you know, I haven't erased your last comment or blocked you from commenting further on my blog.
As long as Brighton is back and I get an entertaining article to read from her every now and then, I'll be happy.