Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Summer of Golf

I have been playing a great deal of golf this summer. My game has improved quite a bit. Before this summer I never played consistently. At most I would play once or twice a year. Up until now I had not known what a beautiful game golf really is, when I am not hitting into the rough of course.
This past Monday I played at the Pine Hollow Country Club. My friend used to caddy there a few years back so we got to play 18 holes for free and we got to use a cart. The course is beautifully kept. I felt guilty carving out divots on the course.
The funny thing about golf is that I sort of forced myself to play this summer. After I quit my job in June I took to answering the question of what I was going to do next with; "I'm just going to take it easy and work on my golf game". The line would always get a few laughs and gave the impression that I wasn't just bumming around which I really am. Golf adds a bit of purpose and a good sport to my life. And for whatever reason many people I've met find it amusing that I play golf.

A fallen friend

It has been 2 and a half weeks now since Makaveli passed away. He was one of my best friends. He was one of the coolest guys I knew. There is no better way to put it than that. If you were with him he made you feel like you were the coolest guy too. It's unbelievable that he's gone.
We celebrated his birthday in the city on Friday the 12th. He was in top form and he just owned the bar and was the center of everything that night. It was a great birthday. I left for Boston the next day with a couple of friends. I couldn't convince Mak to come with us. We caught the Red Sox/White Sox game Saturday night and got the call when we were out at the bars that night. Mak had an allergic reaction to something he ate on Saturday night when he was at dinner. He had an asthmatic reaction on top of that and he passed away that night. It was unbelievable, that is all that we could get out that night. We came down to Long Island the next day, Sunday.
I visited Mak's house on Monday afternoon. I paid my respects to his family. The viewing was that night at the funeral home. There was an outpouring of support that night. One could tell that every person there was connected to Mak in their own special way. Just like I considered him to be one of my best friends, many others had that same connection with him. He was that kind of guy.
Anything that happened in my life I would give Mak a call at work and tell him about. It didn't matter if it was something great that I did or something stupid that I did, we would end up laughing about it.
He was a very easygoing guy. Smooth with the ladies and very outgoing. I admired him for that.
He had just received a promotion at work, just celebrated his 25th birthday, just started making plans for the rest of his life...
The funeral was on Tuesday, the 16th of August. I saw him for the last time and then he was cremated.
I looked up to Mak. He will be missed forever.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Thanks for the comments Gina.

I just read the one you left about the septoplasty. I am sleeping much better now and I feel like I am only improving.