Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm over that girl from last semester

I'm over that girl from last semester. She's not in any of my classes anymore and I think that is a good thing. When I was around her I would completely clam up and I wouldn't be able to function. When I wasn't in class with her I would obsess about her and that is never a good thing. Bottom line is I did give it a shot, perhaps not my best shot, but a shot none the less and was blown off. I could have pursued her after that but I feel like a blow off is a precursor of things to come in a relationship. If she is going to blow me off now, then down the line she might treat me with the same callousness.
I "discovered" her myspace page a couple of months back. She had some beautiful pictures of herself up there and I was hooked into checking daily for updates. I've since deleted the bookmark to her page and haven't visited it since.
A new semester has begun and with it a whole new field of women!
All that being said, I wouldn't mind bumping into her in the library at some point this semester.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Soda Can Pipe

Got weed but no dutch or papers? Don't waste time trying to make some complicated smoking utensil. Here's how to make a pipe in a matter of seconds:

1) Crush side and top of can in slightly.
2) Punch hole in left side of can for carb.
3) Punch small holes on the middle top of the can. The holes will act as a screen.
4) Place weed on top and smoke!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cingular Cell Phones

I'm at home this Saturday night cuz I've been sick for the past couple of days. Feels like the flu. Nothing too bad but draining none the less. I'm glad I've got it now before classes start up again and my week becomes too hectic.
Watched the Colts beat the Ravens today in a great game. Watching the Saints - Eagles now. Eagles are up by 4.
I was looking forward to drinking some ice cold beers this weekend and eating some wings. Will have to do that during the Championship games next weekend.
I've been looking for new cell phones because my contract is up. I can't decide on 1. I want 3 to satisfy all my needs!
Here are a couple I've been looking at from Cingular:

Samsung BlackJack

Cnet Review

Blackberry Pearl

Cnet Review

Cingular 3125

Cnet Review