Thursday, December 02, 2004

Weekend in Binghamton

I'm going up to Binghamton this weekend. My fraternity is crossing our pledges this Friday night and there is the Indian International Student Association show on Saturday night. "Tamasha" really is a great show. The students put a lot of time and effort into writing the skits and performing the dances. We are throwing an afterparty for the show which should be pretty good.
I haven't been up there in over a year and a half. The last time I went up was when the guys I crossed with were still up there. I don't know many of the guys up there now but I'm hoping I'll get to know them this weekend. I helped to maintain the chapter and what they have now is a result of some of the work that I put into the fraternity. It'll be nice to see where they have come.
Also, there should be a new crop of girls and I'm hoping that I'll meet a few nice pieces.