Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pump Hustle

You try and pump hustle for the game.
Losin' toughs on the job.
Cut loose what you can't keep in ya heart.
Cut that shit loose or it'll eat ya up.
Cut that shit loose or it'll beat ya up.
I got 4 shots fired on da men in da suits.
I got 4 shots fired on da men in da boots.
I got 40 shots fired gainst the perps.
Take ya pills and come at 'em 10 fold.
That's how you work the shit when you workin' for shit.
Workin' the shit like ya bitch works the dick.
Cock strong like a perced up juicer.
Got me washin' ma hands in the sewer.
Gettin' dirtier and dirtier cause it's all just sweat.
Sweat and tears they say but that shit ain't true.
Wax poetic and fuck the pussy while you got it.
Fuck that shit hard and make that paper.
Shove that paper and fuck that pussy.
Fuck pussy, hustle paper, fuck pussy.

Shippin' game on da low.

Dancin' sheep and croppin' buglesI ain't never been to the deep hole south.
Shoutin' at the hoverin' ground.
Dippin' on chippin' sulfur.
Sippin' of true blood cause I got the true blood.
I got simple shit goin' all the way dippin' on shit.
Cappin' niggaz in the dirty funerosities.
I got mad skillz like da vampire virtuosities.
Gramps is interested in the civil and the world.
I got answers for it all cause I got cappin' trappers,
They got to know I got the money comin'.
Shit the fuckers cause I got the humpty dumpty.
Make money, make money.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

slingin' rocks

Sling rocks on the side
Not for the papa
For the thrill of the capa
Doin' shady things on the dl
I gots to keep it real and pound the pavement
hustlin' papa makin' deals, bustin' shit
don't underestimate me, i ain't no mall cop
like Paul Blart I make the biz.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Blu & Exile

Blu & Exile
Below the Heavens

Supa delicious new album I discovered.


I'm tryin' to get them ducats big time. 
Work hard, make money, float paper, make more.
Get ma girl mad female jewels, for my jewel.
Got the freshest clothes and the dopest pad.
TV so big it you get scared watchin' animal planet.
Work hard, make money, float paper, make more.
Make the ladies so wet I need to carry around shamwows.
Old school to new school.  I is the school.  Elementary, grade, junior, high, junior college, 4 year degree in the works.
Put it on the plate, lap it up.  Toast to the gangsta hustle. 
Work hard, make money, float paper, make more.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Watching game 7 of the Bulls-Celtics first round series right now.  Arguably one of the best NBA playoff series' of all time.  One thing that really struck me when watching these teams play over the past week and half has been the physical level of play.  Even away from the ball both teams have been battling. 
Lets see what goes down.