Monday, March 30, 2009

Watchin' Movies.

Been watching a lot of movies lately.  Downloading from and (only releases by axxo for good quality movies).
Movie after movie after movie on my laptop.  Wastin' away, wilin' away.  Seein' what's out there by lookin' through a window.
Weather's turnin' good outside.  It's 6pm and it's not even dark yet. 
Got so much going on in the next couple of months.  Can't fail.  Too much ridin' on all this.

Watching "The Last Winter" right now.  Set in the in the Alaskan Tundra.  Global warming eco horror drama.  Looks interesting so far.  Ron Perlman, the coach's wife from Friday Night Lights, the coach's daughter's bf from that show, and the amusinly kookly Kevin Corrigan.  Shit is about to get real.  Gettin' ready to brace myself.  Dude is about to get bucked.
Have to make it over to the gym.  Abs, abs, abs.  That's what it's all about right now.  Nothin' wrong with that right?  Gotta get them abs right.  Do I really even need to step outside my apartment to do that?  It's gonna take a considerable amount of effort. 

Been working and playing in a MacBook as of late.  Beutiful machine it is.  Nothing like it.  Everything works so well and flawlessly.  Keyboard feels good underneath the fingers.  The iChat feature is awesome.  Video chat works great.  It's such a small unit, yet the screen is bright and vivid.  Can't say enough good things about it.

I've got a 6 week beard going on right now.  Now one tolerates it.  Not my parents, my friends, or my girlfriend.  I feel the exact opposite about it.  It is great.  PhotoBooth picture attached.  It feels so good on the face, all that hair.  And of course there's the added benefit of not having to shave most of your face.  All that manliness on my face.
The beard does need to be combed several times a day, always after eating and washing my mouth as hairs are displaced, and after I inadvertantly touch it to play with it. 

I spend most of my day at my desk working, doing research, and studying.  Pretty much the entire time, I'm being stared at by my fish.  They never blink, they just stare. 
It's very calming to have my aquarium right next to my fish tank. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movie Makin'

I spent some of my day helping out a friend of mine who is making a short comedy sketch.  It is to be about 8 minutes when edited and done and he hopes he will have enough ideas and viewers that he will continue with it to make a web-series.  It's mildly entertaining comedy to say the least but I wanted to be a part of it because I have never been a part of a short or film in any way before.  It's interesting to see how the camera, actors, script, and scenery blend together to create a final product.  I held the boom microphone over the actors to capture their audio while we were recording on the street and I recorded some voice overs.  It's nothing at all but I wanted to see what the whole filming process is like.
It makes me want to write something that is worth making a short or a film from.