Monday, December 31, 2007

David Blaine Street Magic Part I

This is a spoof of David Blaine's street magic specials. These videos are fuckin' hilarious. I've watched them over and over, check 'em out!

David Blaine Street Magic Part II

David Blaine Street Magic Part III

Monday, December 24, 2007

The morning after shower

We all relish it. It's that shower we take, the morning after a long night on the town. That hot water running through your hair, down your face, and down your body; it washes away all the sins of the previous night, the absurdities you uttered to random people as well as people you knew, and the sleazy comments to unsuspecting young women. Most of all it washes away the sweat from a night long sexual escapade with a newly found friend, a nubile brunette with a slight French accent. Of course it also washes away the traces of vomit which occurred on the way back home after a short ride on the train. Here's to the morning after shower, the great cleanser, of the soul, the mind, and of course the body.

Monday, December 10, 2007

"You're whoregeous!"

I'm a big fan of pictures, a pictureholic if you will. I can spend hours online looking at pictures of people (I prefer looking at whoregeous people - whoregous people are those who are gorgeous and just a little lack of class that makes them whores), I like photos of events (I always check the popular section of Yahoo everyday, and of course there's the endless stream of porn photos I look at when I'm horny. If you fall into any of these categories: whoregeous, have captured a cool event, or amateur porn photos of yourself (female only please), then send those photos on over.

I'm also a big fan of berating and ridiculing things. Mostly because it's a lot easier than being constructive. Destruction is easy and fun.

As much as I disdain Myspace and it's users, I admire the pompous superficiality of the site and the activities that it's users engage in. Look at my pictures, rate my pictures, add my friends, count my friends, and of course leave a pointless comment (You look so hot in that pic you sexy bitch!). I hate the site but still love it because it's full of whoregeous people and their whoregeous doings. They revel in their superficiality (I'm a superficial son of a bitch and if you are too then I want you as my friend!)