Monday, January 25, 2010

Jersey Shore

Anybody seen the show they call the Jersey Shore?  Of course you have.  Motherfuckers is raw on that show, rockin' and jockin' on the sandy, dirty, filthy beaches of the west coast of Jersey.  Gorilla juiced to the max dudes, biceps the size of a regular dude's thighs.  Ladies got breasts that a few years from now will surely hang down to their hips.  Hair so high on the men and the women that it takes a bottle of gel, hair-spray, and molding paste on each individuals head, just to get ready to go down to the beach and take a dip in the water.  Days start off with visits to the gym to get those muscles poppin'.  Next stop is the tanning salon because lets be honest, you don't come to the shore to actually expose yourself to the vile Jersey air, garbage strewn sand, and the medical waste filled water.  Last stop is the laundry to get the jeans pressed and the skin-tight shirts ready for the fist puppin', pelvis thrustin', promiscuity that will ensue on the dance floor much much later in the day.  All this only leaves enough time for a nice family style meal of pasta, sausage and peppers, and a little red wine (it's good for the heart).  They eat together what seems like every evening, coming together briefly in what actually resembles a family.  Ironically this is the one act during the day that seems normal but is it really?  No family gets to eat their evening meals together everyday anymore.  So I say that this family style meal, bringing normality to the lifestyle of these young adults, is really not normal for the rest of us at all.  It further alienates this group from what we consider to be the normal behavior throughout our day.  
The night is usually kicked off with at a minimum of 2 hours of preparation of makeup, hair product, shaving, etc.  and that is just for the guys.  A pre-game of  liquor, vodka, rum, for zen cocktails ensues and the group gets ready to go out and cause havoc.  A good night it will be if no one gets into a fight.  The juice that flows through the male Jersey Shore veins and that attracts the ladies is the same juice that causes innumerable highly nonathletic brawls.  Yes, nonathletic is the word.  Although there's a lot of brawn and tanned flesh, there's not much finesse on the dance floor.  What you see is fist pumping, beat thumping, and egos on display in a bacchanal on the boardwalk of the Jersey Shore.  This is where entire generations have been flocking to let their hormones run free and finally, someone has captured this right of passage for our viewing pleasure. 

Sunday, December 27, 2009

In the room

Sitting with my back against the wall here in the hospital room.  The mood is good and light.  The health seems to be getting better.  What lurks underneath the surface and around the corner?
It still seems that we will be ushering in the new decade in a hospital room.  My mother is recuperating, trying to gain her strength back, day by day.  She tries her best to move her arms and legs, weighed down by the inflammation in the nerves in her spine, rendering her slow and sluggish, confining her to the bed.  It seems that we have a hell of a lot of time to do what we might otherwise not get time to do.  It seems like we might get to work on writing or other projects with all the down time here in the hospital.  But there is no down time.  Last week there was none.  Now it seems like there is some opening up slowly.  Doctors and nurses come and go.  Aides come and go.  Blood is drawn for tests, blood sugar is checked, steroids are given, anti-biotics are pushed, pills are swallowed.  Sleep comes every now and then.  The rest of the time there is some time but one has to eat, and go to the bathroom, talk on the phone to one's relatives.  Answer phone calls, return phone calls, make phone calls, send text messages, read emails, send emails.  Where's the time for creativity?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Marisa Miller

Friday, June 19, 2009

You ain't shy the game
you shy the fame
you shy the style
you shy the guile.
I came to the front with my guns blastin'
now i got mad sticks and stones
hurlin and shit when the times is raw.
I got fuel and molitovs to throw
burn your whole house down
burn your whole crop down
burn your whole town down
burn your whole world down.
Remember you ain't shy the game.
You shy cuz you lame.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pump Hustle

You try and pump hustle for the game.
Losin' toughs on the job.
Cut loose what you can't keep in ya heart.
Cut that shit loose or it'll eat ya up.
Cut that shit loose or it'll beat ya up.
I got 4 shots fired on da men in da suits.
I got 4 shots fired on da men in da boots.
I got 40 shots fired gainst the perps.
Take ya pills and come at 'em 10 fold.
That's how you work the shit when you workin' for shit.
Workin' the shit like ya bitch works the dick.
Cock strong like a perced up juicer.
Got me washin' ma hands in the sewer.
Gettin' dirtier and dirtier cause it's all just sweat.
Sweat and tears they say but that shit ain't true.
Wax poetic and fuck the pussy while you got it.
Fuck that shit hard and make that paper.
Shove that paper and fuck that pussy.
Fuck pussy, hustle paper, fuck pussy.

Shippin' game on da low.

Dancin' sheep and croppin' buglesI ain't never been to the deep hole south.
Shoutin' at the hoverin' ground.
Dippin' on chippin' sulfur.
Sippin' of true blood cause I got the true blood.
I got simple shit goin' all the way dippin' on shit.
Cappin' niggaz in the dirty funerosities.
I got mad skillz like da vampire virtuosities.
Gramps is interested in the civil and the world.
I got answers for it all cause I got cappin' trappers,
They got to know I got the money comin'.
Shit the fuckers cause I got the humpty dumpty.
Make money, make money.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

slingin' rocks

Sling rocks on the side
Not for the papa
For the thrill of the capa
Doin' shady things on the dl
I gots to keep it real and pound the pavement
hustlin' papa makin' deals, bustin' shit
don't underestimate me, i ain't no mall cop
like Paul Blart I make the biz.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Blu & Exile

Blu & Exile
Below the Heavens

Supa delicious new album I discovered.


I'm tryin' to get them ducats big time. 
Work hard, make money, float paper, make more.
Get ma girl mad female jewels, for my jewel.
Got the freshest clothes and the dopest pad.
TV so big it you get scared watchin' animal planet.
Work hard, make money, float paper, make more.
Make the ladies so wet I need to carry around shamwows.
Old school to new school.  I is the school.  Elementary, grade, junior, high, junior college, 4 year degree in the works.
Put it on the plate, lap it up.  Toast to the gangsta hustle. 
Work hard, make money, float paper, make more.