Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Been livin'?

I been livin' but not really.
Puttin' off mad shit till the last minute.
I got a head start but my head don't start.
Fueled by the addy.  Sippin' on da bull.
I got great motor skills but the neurons don't fire.
I'm on fire with the heat of the summer.
Time advancin' like the heat on a pusher.
Slippin' by and I'm sippin' mine.
Drinkin' ma youth till I got nothin' left.
Greys slowly creepin' in.
Don't fret too much cuz they're on ma chin.
And I no longer got the month long beard.
Fresh faced, fusion power to the face.
Now I gotta be out so I could get back to loungin.
Mets on the screen, bottom of the ninth.
Down 3 and they down me.


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