Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday night post.  I thought there would have been more of a crowd out tonight because of the Passover holiday.  I was not right as it was not much more of a crowd than there normally is in the West Village on a Sunday night.  I'm not that person that plans in advance for a night out with friends.  I, most of the time, usually just stumble into the night and what I am doing. I'm not a planner you know.  I just go with what happens to be going on or try to get a couple of people out at the last minute because of my whim at the particular time.  Living in the city has been ideal because it has let me be as I am and meddle in, if you will, with whatever plans are going on at the time.  My meddling must turn up more women or it is all for nothing.  There is an abundance of beautiful women in this city and it blows my mind on a daily basis.  Every type of girl that you could ever want, and every one, beautiful.  Here's to the city, and especially the plethora of beautiful girls that populate it.


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