Sunday, April 20, 2008

On Friday night I went back home to have dinner with my parents and since it was late I spent the night there.  On Saturday we installed my parents new flat panel TV on the family room wall and I helped them with some other work around the house.  We had dinner at my dad's favorite Italian restaurant and then they dropped me back at my apartment.  As we were driving back from the restaurant my parents mentioned how nice it was to have me spend the day with them and that they couldn't remember the last time they spent that much time with me.  Even though I had been living at home until last month, for most of my life, when I was at home I was quite aloof.  As I had suspected for some time, my moving out will better my relationship with my parents.  Secretly, I had a nice time with them as well.
I have returned to my apartment with a coffee maker...Thank god!  I'm sipping a cup of fresh brew that I just made and there is nothing better.  It sets the day off right and keeps my system in check (keeps me regular). 


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