Thursday, April 24, 2008


I've been watching "Die Hard" (1988) on TV for the past couple of hours.  You know, that's the one that happens in L.A. in the Nakatomi Towers.  John McLaine is a barefoot machine gun wielding badass who saves the hostages from the terrorists.  Yippee Kaya Motherfucker!
Also, "Cool Hand Luke" was on today.  This is one of my favorite films of all time.  There is Paul Newman as "Luke", the irrepressible inmate that everybody loves.  There's his buddy, "Dragline" (a young George Kennedy), and there's the warden, whose presence is always felt underneath his mirror shades.  The hot sun glows in every scene and you can literally feel the heat.  Every scene is poignant; the busty girl provocatively washing her car as the inmates look on lustily, Luke left standing after he refuses to go down after his boxing match with Dragline, Luke lying on the table looking like Jesus on the cross after winning the bet to eat 50 eggs, and Luke playing the banjo and singing by himself after he hears the news of his mother dying.  The movie goes on and we see Luke's exploits as he attempts unsuccessfully time after time to escape from prison.  Each time breaking his friends' hearts and ours too as he is caught and dragged back.  Great movie.


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