Friday, June 04, 2004

Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Well, I'm goin' to Vegas in 3 weeks with my friends. There are 9 of us total and we've booked a suite at Ballys. We are goin' for four days and four nights of debauchery. I can't wait.
My friends have been arguing recently over what size suite to get. Originally we booked a 6 person suite and then more people were added to the group. We figured we'd make due and some people would sleep on the couches. A couple of the guys went and upgraded the suite to a 9 person suite. They told us 2 weeks later about the change in plans and that the price difference is not going to be that much more. The point is though that they didn't ask everybody if it was OK to change the booking. Some of my friends are just finishing up with school and haven't started working yet so money is a bit of an issue for them. Anyway, I think the 9 person suite is a better idea if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg more.

Well, the following is a response from one of my friends who was offended that plans were changed without him being notified. It's a classic line.

"Honestly I didn't wanna spend more on the hotel, theres a bunch of
stuff to do in vegas and i feel like my money would be better spent on gambling, strippers, and drinking/clubbing."

In any other situation other than discussing Vegas you would balk at that statement. hehe.


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